Earn ~5 % APY on top of the stability and diversity of USDS Stablecoin. Our liquid staking mechanism offers security and transparent APY calculations for consistent returns.

Safety Mechanism

Decentralization: Our staking protocol operates on the Ethereum Network. Decentralization distributes control among a diverse set of validators, minimizing the likelihood of malicious attacks or collusion.

Smart Contract Security: Staking participation is facilitated through smart contracts, which are rigorously audited and tested to ensure reliability, security, and resistance to vulnerabilities. Smart contracts govern staking delegation, rewards distribution, and slashing conditions, providing transparency and trust in the staking process.

Continuous Monitoring: Our team employs sophisticated monitoring tools and algorithms to detect and respond to potential security threats or anomalies in real-time. Continuous monitoring helps mitigate risks and ensure the stability and security of the staking network.

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Generating Yield

Staking Rewards: By staking their assets, users contribute to the validation and consensus process of the blockchain network. In return for their participation, stakers are rewarded with additional tokens, typically in the native cryptocurrency of the network. Staking rewards serve as an incentive mechanism to encourage active participation and network security.

Compounding Returns: Staking rewards can be compounded over time, allowing users to earn returns not only on their initial staked assets but also on the accumulated rewards. Compounding enables exponential growth of staked assets and enhances the overall yield generated from staking participation.

Automatic Distribution: Staking rewards are automatically distributed to stakers' wallets at regular intervals, typically following predefined reward distribution schedules. This automated process ensures seamless and hassle-free reward distribution, allowing stakers to passively earn yield on their assets without manual intervention.

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Annual Percentage Yield

Understanding APY: APY represents the compounded annual rate of return on staked assets, incorporating both staking rewards and any compounding effects. This metric allows stakers to evaluate the profitability of their staking activities and make informed decisions regarding their investment strategies.

Optimizing Staking Strategies: Armed with insights from APY analysis, stakers can optimize their staking strategies to maximize returns while managing risks effectively. This may involve diversifying staking portfolios, selecting protocols with competitive APYs and robust security measures, and staying informed about market trends and protocol developments.

Staking Duration: The duration for which assets are staked influences APY calculation. Longer staking periods typically result in higher APY, reflecting the extended compounding effect. Some protocols may offer tiered reward structures based on staking duration, incentivizing longer commitments and potentially boosting APY.

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