Manage Locks

The Manage Locks page in our Liquidity Locker empowers users with full control over their locked assets, providing a secure and intuitive platform to monitor, adjust, and manage their locking configurations. Whether you're locking LP tokens or tokens for a specific duration or purpose, our Manage Locks feature offers a seamless and user-friendly experience:

View Locked Assets:

The Manage Locks page provides users with a comprehensive overview of their locked assets, including LP tokens and tokens. Users can easily access detailed information about each locked asset, such as quantity, duration, and locking status, enabling them to monitor their locking configurations with clarity and precision.

Edit Locking Configurations:

Users have the flexibility to adjust their locking configurations according to their evolving needs and preferences. Whether you need to extend the duration of an existing lock, modify the quantity of locked assets, or cancel a lock altogether, our platform offers intuitive tools to edit locking configurations seamlessly. Users can make changes with just a few clicks, ensuring maximum control over their locked assets.

Enhanced Security Measures:

We prioritize the security and integrity of users' locked assets, implementing advanced security measures to safeguard against unauthorized access or manipulation. Our platform utilizes robust smart contract technology and multi-factor authentication to protect users' assets and ensure the integrity of their locking configurations. Users can trust that their locked assets are securely stored and protected from external threats.

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